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Volt Jolt Accessories Along with the all-new Corvette Stingray Sideswipe character, visitors to Chevrolet's display at this year's Chicago Auto Show that opens its gates to the public on Friday, February 13, will also have the chance to see yet another new Chevy-based model that will star on Paramount's upcoming release, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Jolt is a new Autobot character that appears in the production form of the 2011 Volt extended-range electric vehicle.

Leaving aside from the fact that in the movie Jolt will turn into a human-like robot, the only visible differences between the production Volt and the Chicago Show Transformers film model, seem to be limited to the silver-colored exterior mirrors and the trim surrounding the lower part of the windows.

"Chevrolet is thrilled to again be part of one of the most anticipated movies in years," said Ed Peper, GM North America vice president, Chevrolet. "'Transformers' gives us a great opportunity to connect with young people on their terms, with a dynamic, environmentally friendly image. The new characters represent the change going on in Chevy showrooms. From the exciting Camaro, the 21st century sports car, to the game-changing Volt, there's more than meets the eye at Chevrolet today.

But GM doesn't expect gas to stay cheap and over time, it expects more and more people to realize the Volt gives them so many "clean" miles that it makes absolute sense to buy the car. In fact, the first 40 miles on the Volt will be all electric. After that, a small gas fueled motor kicks in and re-charges the electric engine, extending your range up to 300 miles. GM says it is entirely possible people driving around the suburbs, going to work, running errands, etc. will rarely have to use gas.

While GM puts a halo around the 230 mile per gallon mark it's established for the Volt (the company says that number is actually a little conservative), the company knows it can't trip in the next 12-15 months as it makes the final push to get the car into showrooms. Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says development of the car is running on time, if not ahead of schedule. But for now, the attention is on the number 230. For a company that has been rightfully accused in the past of dragging it's feet when it comes to developing hybrids and other fuel efficient models, a car promising 230 miles per gallon is a huge jump. One, GM says, it's ready to make.

Volts that actually look like the Volt will be on the road soon. Andrew Farah, vehicle chief engineer on the E-Flex program that includes the Volt, says, "My goal is to be driving one July 4." Some 80 to 100 pre-production cars � with soundproofing, iPod-friendly stereos, and many the mules lack � will be built for testing and evaluation, and journalists will be back to try them out.

GM seems to be taking the "green" thing to heart. The new battery center has flooring made of recycled tires, a ceiling fashioned out of recycled aluminum and a row of one-kilowatt wind turbines on the roof.

As for General Motors, we hope they get past the automobile industry difficulties to continue with their environmental pursuits. With their showing in the film Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, things are hopefully on the upswing for GM especially for their four other models seen in the film: a stylized Corvette vision concept vehicle, the Chevy Beat, the Chevy Trax and the Chevy Camaro.

We are optimistic that the electric car models being promoted by General Models will go past the company survival stage and be a major force in the pro-environmental advocacy front. There will be struggles but we know that everything is awkward in the beginning. After all, didn�t we all start with huge radios and cassette tapes before the Western civilization graduated to mp3 downloads and iPods. It will not be easy but at least we are getting there.

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